February 5, 1995, striking date in the story of Spitz in France by the importation of first American Pomernian

My Golden Aires Check mate "Checkers" 19 cm which will become a French Champion and will give the envy to

the french breeders to have this type of Loulou with this compact and short body, a beautiful bone without being

too heavy, these wonderful smal feet of cat and this so attractice baby face in the short muzzle but not too much

to with it is necessary to add tiniest ears hight

Fr Ch Golden Aires Check Mate aka " Checkers "


Just 20 years later, her last daugther Vice Ch Tcherry Golden Aires Des Petits Princes De Urkys to leave joining

his dady on the bridge of The Rainbow, the Septembre 13, 2015 , at 13 years and half

Tcherry was a wonderful tiny doll, 19cm of big personality, unforgettable

Goodbye Tcherry you were happy and you made me happy. Thanks for this time of LOVE

Tcherry at 6 years old..............................Tcherry the August 15, 2015

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