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...What's news at Les Petits Princes De Urkys ?

April 2024

The Spring is here !

14 tears for Tout-Petit

and 12 years for tiny Harmonye

Harmonye and his bath !

.......Emmy and the Turtledove!

Emmy in April

...and again Emmy !

Tout-Petit , D'jazzy

....Hope , Hope and Hope !!!

...A new drawing in my galery !

....My plants and other plants

March 2024

D'Jazzy at 16 years !! Happy Birthday

News pastels in my galery

My wonderful Emmy

His son Hope

Again Hope !

And again again Hope !!

My tiny Harmonye

Hope AND Harmonye

Tout Petit and his so nice face

The spring is here !

February 2024

12 years ofHope And Love

My love Dandy Dancer

Dandy again

Emmy my clair doll

Again Emmy

Hope before his birthday!

Phil and Funny was born here

So small Harmonye

His his little daddy D'Jazzy

Tout-Petit and his wonderful coat !

Again more photos from Tout-Petit

January 2024

Snow ! super !

And snow again !

Photos in the end 2023

Et c'est parti pour Janvier 2024 !

Tout-Petit one time, two time !

Hope, Harmonye and others


December 2023

Happy Christmas

For end 2023 here

Tout Petit, Harmonye, D'Jazzy

Hope, Emmy, Dandy

12 years of Golden

and flowers of Christmas

.....but also Hope and his mother Emmy

November 2023

Hope my wonderful cream Pom

and Emmy his beautiful mother

In groupe and my tiny D'Jazzy


Dandy ...Dandy and Harmonye !!

Hope and autumn !

Always the flowers !

Of the Petits Princes who leave us.....

Hommage à Hip Hop et à Daisy

A new pastel in my galery

October 2023

Hope who play!

Photos of my charming Hope

Hope again !!

Et... Hope in the normand win

Emmy and Hope (!)

Emmy without his son!!

Mon splendide Tout-Petit

In group, very well also !

The bath of Mister Dandy

Again some fleurs in the garden

My aralia (35 or 40 years old)

September 2023


A beautiful visit from Suisse

10 ans pour mon dernier élève Willy

again Willy

A new drawing in my galery

Dandy so wonderful

Tout-Petit also wonderfu!

Emmy and his son Hope

Hope et Tout-Petit this time !

Auguste 2023

Dandy 1-2-3-4 it's me !

Hope my cream beauty

Carpito 16 years soon ...perhaps

My darling Tout-Petit and more

Discusion !

Rosa a girl from my Willy

July 2023

A full of news photos

My Garden and my flowers

Emmy and again Emmy !

Hope and Tout-Petit

News Photos of

Dandy, Carpito, Emmy, Hope

and Hope and the flowers

and Hope and his birds

June 2023

Full news pictures!

Hope, Emmy, Dandy, Tout-Petit, again Hope

Flowers and Birds

Harmonye so tiny doll !

With relay !

Dandy , Djazzy, Hope , Emmy and Tout-Petit

May 2023

13 years for my Tout Petit

Hope my cream pom

A beautiful cat in my galery

April 2023

The 11 years for tiny Harmonye

Hope And Love my cream pom

Emmy and Dandy ful photos !

News in my galery

..March 2023

A new drawing in my galery !

...The 11 years for Hope And Love

and 15 years for D'Jazzy and Dandy

Emmy my blonde

February 2023

Dandy and Harmonye for the Saint Valentine !

On dort !

Emmy in this month of Fevruary

Emmy and his son Hope, always together !!

My Dandy the Don Juan of the family !

outside or no ?

Hope ... only him !

My Carpito 15 years old

Janvier 2023

My Wonderful Wondy (17 years and 8.5 months)



December 2022

A new pastel in my galery

My Wondy( 17years and almond 9 months)

Snow in Normandy !

Last photos 2022 ! Perhaps !

No here his the last photos (12-31-2022

11 years for Golden

Funny onwer Jean Philippe

Ma belle doyenne Wondy

Emmy et son fiston Hope And Love

November 2022

A event:15 years for 3 brothers and sister!

A new shooting for Harmonye

October 2022


Emmy the mother of Hope

Tout-Petit the uncle of Hope !

Dandy his...half-uncle !!

Harmonye his niece

Other photos

of course Wondy the grand-mother of Hope!

September 2022

Wondy 17 years and 4 months old

Hope my little corsair

Again Tout-Petit


15 years old...only...

D'Jazzy's story !

Flowers in my garden

Birds in my garden also !

August 2022

Some drawinds in my galery

Tout-Petit...Hello ...

My Emmy, my waking each morning !..

Ptit-Checkers !

Dandy the Don Juan !

July 2022

Some photos of Harmonye

My Wondy (17 years and 3 months old)

Some pictures of my tiny Djazzy

An always my beautiful Emmy

My friend birds Tourterelles

Lys flowers of my garden

June 2022

Dandy my top model !

Again Dandy !

Emmy so wonderful doll

2 brothers and 1sister !

Tout-Petit always a marvellous pomeranian

And Wondy -17years and one month!

May 2022

5 New drawings in my galery

Marvellous : 17 years old for Wondy

Cathye and Djazzy together

Tout-Petit and his sister Emmy

And Cathye and his family

March 2022

Two happy birthday this month: D'jazzy and Dandy (14 years old)

A shooting of Cathye (14 years and 4 months)

February 2022

Happy Birthday Eden (13 years) and Hope (10 years)

January 2022

And if we go to back in time ?

Hibernation mode for my Petits Princes !

Children of dear Délice


December 2021

Eyes of love

Happy 10 years Golden

Big drawing in my galery

November 2021

14 years for 3 Petits Princes De Urkys

My pretty Emmy

Eden ...enjoy !

October 2021

Cathye in the sun

Djazzy in the sun also !

Creamy ....hello !

Tout-Petit at your choice !

Dandy ...again !

Septembre 2021

14 years ! wouah !....

Photos of Dandy Dancer

And others of my poms

....August 2021

....Waiting !

A beaufiful Maine Coon in pastel

A new page for my sweet Dandy Dancer (13 years 1/2)

July 2021

News photos of Tout-Petit

Ptit-Checkers (Soon 14 years)

My 3 D ! to see

Birds, birds, birds !

Juin 2021

Happy 12 years my Emmy

Shooting of Tout-Petit

Show Art with 2 of my pastel- drawing

May 2021

Marvellous day, 16 years old for my Wondy

and the next day ! always so ...wonderful !

...April 2021

9 years for Harmonye

Many photos !

Shooting of Dandy and D'Jazzy

Grand-mother, father and daughter !

Happy Birthday : 11 years for Tout-Petit

Photos of Nova 14 years 1/2

..March 2021

Happy 13 years for D'Jazzy, Darlene and Dandy

February 2021

Shooting with Creamy, Cathye and Chance

and ...Tout-Petit !

Happy Birthday Eden 12 years

January 2021

New photos of my wonderful Wondy at 15 ans and 8 months

A new eye on 2021.....

December 2020

Again some photos 2020 31 dec !!

Merry Christmas 2020

Last photos for 2020

The last birthday for this difficult year !

Golden 9 years

November 2020

14 years for my sweet Nova

New pastels on my galery

13 years for Cathye-Creamy and Carpito

Pastel drawings for sale

October 2020

A new pastel : a arabian horse

New photos of Cathye and Wondy

September 2020

A new pastel : a little rabbit

and the bath for Djazzy !

All one page for Darlène Chérie

A new pastel in my galery

August 2020

Sister & brother

My poms.....


More photos ? yes !

Photos of Nova

Hello....Emmy !

July 2020

Descendants of my Petits Princes De Urkys

Photos ok my little D'Jazzy et Carpito

June 2020

French popotins !

Bleu and orange !.....

My marvellous Dandy

May 2020

11 years for Emmy, a daughter to Wondy

15 years old for my so love Wondy

A new drawing "Instant tendresse"

Carpito after his bath

April 2020

Happy Birthday Tout-Petit (10 years old)

and 8 years for Harmonye

A new pastel with Aurore

March 2020

12 years for D'Jazzy and Darlène

and 12 years also for Dandy

Photos of march

Photos insolites et charmantes

More photos of my mervellous Dandy

and of my si beautiful Tout-Petit

and mom Wondy !

February 2020

Wondy my queen!

Cathye et Chance

Un méli-mélo ! N°1 - N°2 et N°3

Et my star Tout-Petit

January 2020

This new year beginne with two pastel's drawings

New page with my humans drawings

New photos of 2020 !

Happy New Year to all

December 2019

The last photos to 2019 ! 2020 my website celebrate this 20 years !!!!

Pastel available for sale

8 years for Golden

November 2019

13 years foy my darling Nova

See Djerk and Lorky in pastel

A new drawing in my galery : "Romu"

12 years for Cathye, Creamy and Carpito

October 2019

Masao is in my galery

New photos with my beautiful Emmy

And my poms with the sun !

September 2019

New pastels in my galery's page

12 years for Chance and Checkers Happy Birthday my loves

August 2019

New drawings in my galery-page

Poms-fuchsias !!!!

July 2019

.....My beautiful Emmy Music Awards

......Emmy with his brother Tout-Petit

D'jazzy is so cute !

And the 3 beauties !

June 2019

A new pastel in my galery

Beautiful photos of my Emmy ( 9 years old)

and his brother Ptit-Checkers (nearly 12 years)

May 2019

A new pastel in my galery

14 years for my wonderful Wondy ! Happy Birthday my darling

Full new photos of my Petits Princes De Urkys

Again !

Some photos of Tout-Petit and Chance (offsprings to Wondy)

April 2019

Two beautiful poms in my pastel's galery and one in flowers !

Happy birthday 9 years for Tout-Petit and 7 years for Harmonye

March 2019

Happy Birthday my Dandy (11 years old)

A new pastel drawing in my galery and an other !

...February 2019

New photos of Carpito and D'Jazzy

....A new drawing in my galery

January 2019

The first photos of 2019 de Carpito, Chance, Harmonye and Wondy

and a beautiful horse in pastel drawing

December 2018


7 years for Golden

Happy Birthday Nova and Bout-Chou (12 years)

Oniisan and his drawing pastel

November 2018

Photos of my first show in pastel drawing

My first show in pastel's drawing Carpiquet (France)

Elia a beagle has his drawing in my galery

Happy birthday Creamy, Carpito and Cathye (11 years)

October 2018

The Isis'portrait is in my galery

My beautiful Wondy is at 13.5 years a marvellous doll

Story's Harmonye

September 2018

Again new drawings in pastel's galery

Happy birthday Chance and Ptit Checkers 11 years old

August 2018

New drawing in my galery

Games !

During the warm weather !

July 2018

Lions in my galery ! see

After the bath of D'Jazzy

Juin 2018

Photos of 13 years Beauty & Wondy

Update Beauty's page

See my galery

May 2018

Happy Birthday to Wondy and Beauty (13 years old) here a gift !

April 2018

Some photos and again !

and my dear Dandy Dancer

A new drawing pastel the lion in my galery and a tiger !

Happy Birthday to Darlène, D'Jazzy et Dandy (10 years)

March 2018

Creamy and his brother

Carpito with the sun !

A snowflake in my galery !

February 2018

My tinye Mimi Nova (11 years old)

In the garden !

My little star Harmonye

January 2018

A shooting of my Beauty ( 12,5 years old)

and his son Dandy Dancer

some others Petits Princes !

Flowers !

A new drawing in galery

December 2017

Gust of wind ! Tout-Petit

Happy 7 years Fee, First and Phil (Cathye X D'Jazzy)

Tout-Petit in big coat for winter !

November 2017

A beautiful Fox in my drawing's galery

11 years old for Nova and Bout-Chou

..October 2017

New drawings on my galery

and new photos of my tiny Nova

September 2017

A shooting of tiny Harmonye

10 years old for Chance and Ptit-Checkers

August 2017

A new pastel of Beaute de Urkys

A shooting of Cathye

Pretty ...

Nova full new photos

July 2017

Flamy in my galery !

New photos of Bout-Chou (Bolero Dance) 10.5 years old

A new watercolor drawing in my galery

June 2017

A shooting of my sweet Charly

New drawing in galery

Happy Birthday Emmy (8 years)

May 2017

New drawing but this time a watercolor !

New photos of Harmonye and his father D'Jazzy

Also of Pretty (12years and half)

April 2017

A new pastel's drawing "Tout-Petit" and Abby

My beautiful Wondy

My flowers of spring

Happy Birthday Harmonye (5 years)

March 2017

Many birthday this months !

9 years for D'Jazzy, Darlène and Dandy

7 years for my sweet Flamy

5 years for Hope And Love

My tiny Mimi Nova (1700 g)

See work in progress

Drawing ,drawing drawing !

Happy Birtday Eden (8 years old)

Février 2017

A new pastel's drawing

My Flamy

Little snow !

January 2017

My wonderful Wondy 11years old

My so sweet Flamy

A new pastel in my galery

Happy New Year to all

December 2016

Tribute to Festy

Last photos from 2016 !

Two new pastel's drawing

November 2016

Update Chance's page and Ptit-Checkers's page and Charly

A new pastel's drawing possible for Christmas

9th Happy Birthday for Creamy, Charly, Cathye and Carpito

Update Creamy's page

October 2016

Happy Birthday my sweet Pretty (12 years old)

A arabe horse in my galery at pastel and Irouk , the pom at Marjorie

Updapte Emmy's page

September 2016

A beautiful cat in my galery at pastel

Pretty and his marvellous coat !

Happy Birthday Chance and Ptit-Checkers (9 years old)

...August 2016

A new drawing "Djumpy" at my friend Muriel Stamm and a beautiful Schnauzer

My Hope to Olympig Games!

A new drawing in the galery "Dino"

Flowers and Poms !

Fee and First in visit

July 2016

News photo of Charly and Whesley

My garden !!

June 2016

In memories of Delice

A new drawing in pastel, a Chihuahua

Photos of Golden Boy Des Petits Princes De Urkys

Bad month of June !!

May 2016

A little story of blade of grass !

Happy Birthday my dolls Wondy and Beauty 11 years !!

And news photos of May

April 2016

Three new photos of my beautiful Pretty (11.5 years old)

Happy Birthday Harmonye (4 years)

And Happy Birthday Tout-Petit (6 years)

More photos of my Petits Princes De Urkys

And one new breed in pastel drawing

March 2016

Happy Easter

My Stars Flamy and Dandy

My little Chance is cold

8 years for Dandy and 6 years for Flamy

New beautiful photos of Dandy and Flamy in full coat !

Hope for his 4th Happy Birthday

Fevruary 2016

Happy Birthday Eden (7 years old)

Two new pastel drawings

January 2016

Some photos

Snow = Photos !

Dandy and Flamy, 2 brothers

......A new pastel drawing

Last photos for 2015 with Eden

December 2015

A new drawing

Merry Christmas * Happy New Years 2016

New photos of my sweet Dandy Dancer

Update of Bout-Chou's page and Whesley

Wind, Wind, Wind !! and to play

Photos of December

November 2015

9 years old for Nova, Bout-Chou and Whesley

8 years old for Charly, Cathye , Carpito and Creamy

The offsprings of Wondy and Beauty

Update of Flamy's page

Happy Birthday Pretty and China 11 years old

..October 2015

Update of Beauty 's page

Beautiful wins in Spain for Hidalgo, a Wally's son

My Bout-Chou half or ....!

Big congrats at Michelle and Hidalgo a Wally's son

My Emmy

New photos of my Flamy

A my command.....

Mother and son : Beauty and Dandy

In autumn, sun and wind

New photos on Whesley's page and Pretty's

September 2015

A page which turns

Many new photos of my beautiful Darlene

And of my other Petits Princes De Urkys

Happy Birthday 8th for Chance and Ptit Checkers

August 2015

The bath of Tout Petit

Beautiful eyes !

Nova and Emmy

Mon D'Jazzy is a tiny love !

And also his daugther Harmonye

My Happy Birthday !

July 2015

Visit of Fisrt and Fée, always a great pleasure!

The hollydays of Funny (owners Jean Michel et Francine)

New photos of Feeric Dance and French Cancan (owner Michelle Besson)

June 2015

June 21, 2015 French Festival Music with Poppy

Bums and beautiful faces !

6th Birty for Emmy

6 th Birthday for Poppy. Happy Birthday my darling

Gust of wind !

News Photos of my Willy (owner Pascale Sanchez)

and his Ch Gringo (a Wally'son)

May 2015

10 years old for Beauty and Wondy Happy Birthday my dolls

New photos of Golden 3.5 years old

Beautiful wins of Flores Lane Hidaldo , a son of my Wally

April 2015

Happy Birthday Harmonye and Hip Hop "3 years old "

7 years old for Dandy and D'Jazzy and Darlene

New photos with Tout-Petit

March 2015

3 years old for Hope And Love


.......................Fevrier 2015

........................................A little snow = photos

....................................Updated the page of Djazzy

..Janvier 2015

........New photos


....December 2014

A new drawing in my galery


Happy Birthday First, Fee and Phil 4 years old (D'Jazzy X Cathye)

And 3 years old for my sweet Golden

Updated the pages of Poppy , Eden, Bout-Chou

and Flamy, China, tout-Petit, Whesley

....November 2014

My D'Jazzy is an adorable charming boy !

ans his daughter Harmonye 1440g at 2.5 years old

7 ans old for my litter Ch Charm X Wahlena

......October 2014

10 years old for Pretty et China

................New photos for my sweet Charly Brown soon 7 years old

A new drawing on my Galery

.....September 2014

....7th Birthday for Chance and Ptit Checkers

........and 1 year old for Willy

..........August 2014

................Photos of my flowers in my garden

..And my Poms with my flowers !

.........0000.July 2014

..............July 1964 ... July 2014

.......Article in some days !

.....................New artworks on my poms and on a little girl

.................Visits of my Petits Princes and theirs families

.Many photos of my Petits Princes De Urkys

* le 22 July

* le 21 July


June 2014

......See my Funny for his 4 years old

My photos of Poms groups!

May 2014

........Drawing Memories for Flash Dance

....The brothers !

Galery on my Poms

And on my Golden Boy Dancer

......New drawing, not a pom but a horse!

........9 years old for Beauty and Wondy

...........And 2 years old for Harmonye

.........6 years old of Darlene and D'Jazzy

April 2014

New photos of First and Fee at 3 years old¨

Old post cards on the Pomeranians

....March 2014

New drawings in pastel

Hope , the footballer !

Update Beauty's page

Full portraits of my pomeranians

Tribute in my dear Delice and his children

Hope And Love for his 2 years

My pastel's drawings

.....February 2014

Eden for his 5 years

............Indira a D'Jazzy's daughter and granddaughter of my Ch sweet

New photos of February

....January 2014

.......Wannie first baby of the year !

......December 2013

...........................A Happy New Year 2014 to all in the World


...............The page of my favorite love Super

......................Hidalgo a Wally's son win CAC and BOB Nantes 2013

.................Congratulations to his breeder and owner Michelle Jamin

New photos of December 2013

My Golden for his second birthday

My Champions and Vice Champions

.......Updated Willy's page with his new owner

Photos of 5th december 2013

November 2013

See the Willy's page with many new pictures

Ful Birthday in the time!

7 years for Nova, Whesley and Bout-Chou

6th Happy Birthday Creamy, Cathye, Charly and Carpito (Charm X Wahlena)

And 9 years for China and Pretty

.October 2013

New photos of my last baby " Willy " 38 and 40 days

Lena and Eliott in visit

New photos summer 2013

September 2013

......6 years for Chance and Ptit-Checkers (Wally X Wondy)

...........New photo of my Flamenco Dance at 3 years old

also for Bout'Chou, near 7 years old

........My litter 2013 (Tout-Petit X Cathye) at 3 weeks old

Many photos of my Tout-Petit

New photos of Hope And Love

...........A beautiful shooting on my Tout-Petit , photos by Stéphanie B.

...........New photos of Cathye, Carpito, Creamy et Charly

..........And again on my Dandy Dancer

...August 2013

........First Dance and Fee De La Dance (2.5 years old) for a little visit (D'Jazzy X Cathye)

New photo of my Dandy Dancer at 5 years old (Wally x Beauty)

July 2013

News photos of my Wally and my Super

and also of Darlene in the wind and other photos

New photos of my beautiful Wondy and all his offspring

Many new photos on page of Dandy, Delice and Poppy !

..........Grâce, a daugher's Sweety" Ch Sweet Dance Des Petits Princes De Urkys "

June 2013

Hip Hop with his new owners Annie and Yves

.....4 years old for Poppy and Emmy (Wally X Wondy)

.......New photo of Golden Boy Dancer at 18 months old (Charming Boy X Delice)

May 2013

A new page for my little Hip Hop

My sweet Ch Odyssey for his 15 years old

New photos of my D'Jazzy (20 cm)

.........Gringo Des Prairies Aux Mille Fleurs the 4Th Champion for my Wally

............My Golden Boy Dancer at 17 and 18 months old and his friend Hope And Love

... 8 years old for Beauty and Wondy, Happy Birthday my dolls

Just for the fun ! again !

.April 2013

........The Champions and Int Champions offspring and other of my Wally

Wally , Tcherry and Tcheckiss for 11th Birthday

3 years old for my Tout-Petit

New photos of my Ptit-Checkers

March 2013

.....New photos of my Mady at 3.5 years old(owner Cecile Fourrier)

Snow again snow !! new pictures !

My "3D" litter at 5 years old.Happy birthday my loves

.....February 2013

One year for Hope !

Snow.....photos !

Photos, photos and photos !!!

Some new pictures of Hope at 10 and 11 months old

January 2013

Some photos of the snow and my poms !

And First Dance owner Stephanie B.

Bout'Chou, Whesley and Bossa Nova for their 6 th Birtday

Some photos of my Creamy (CH Lord Charming X Golden Aires Whalena)

...December 2012

...Happy New Year 2013

.......2th Birtday for First and Fee (D'Jazzy X Cathye)

Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2013

.......New photos of Chance at 5 years old

...0Golden at 1 year old

New photos puppies of D'Jazzy out of Cathye

New photos of my little cream Hope And Love

Some picture of Autumn and more

Little Hetoile with his new owners in Belgium

...November 2012

A new champion ! Big congrats Iris

........New photos of my wonderful Lena daugther of Wally and Wondy (owner Victorine)

Hope And Love at 6, 7 and 8 months old (Carpito X Emmy)

Last offsprings of Wahlena and Lord Charming at 5 years old

October 2012

Here a few poms I have bred and who are with their owners

In Autumn, some pictures

........New photos of Golden Boy (Charming Boy X Delice)

New photos of my last babies at 6 months old (D'Jazzy X Cathye)

New photos of my Darlene and Delice (Wally-Wondy)

About the BSD (in french!)

New photo in group

September 2012

Some photo of summer here and here

My new Guestbook

and the first guestbook here

August 2012

......My Golden Boy at nearly 8 months old

.......First and Fee in visit, just splendid !

New page for my adorable Hope And Love

The flowers of my garden!

July 2012

My last litter at 3 months old

Photos of June ! and more

New photo for my little China and Bout'Chou

June 2012

My last litter D'Jazzy X Cathye

New photos of Charly Brown

New photos of my sweet Darlene

14 years old for my Odyssey and my Ouff

May 2012

My little Golden at 5 months old

.......10 years old for Wally, Tcherry and Tcheckiss

Wondy and Beauty at 7 years old

New Pictures of my tiny Bossa Nova

April 2012

Some portraits of my poms

....Happy Birthday Super and Sweety 11 years old

and only two for my Tout-Petit!

......New photos on page of D'Jazzy at 4 years old

New photo of my little Pretty at 7.5 years old


March 2012

.....New photos of Golden Boy Dancer at 3 months old

........The spring = New photos !photos 1 and photos 2

Portraits of my poms

My puppy Golden Boy at 3.5 months old

Fevruary 2012

Snow ! new photos

New picture for my sweet Eden

January 2012

The babies Fee and First at 1 year old (D'Jazzy X Cathye)

....December 2011

......My new litter 2011 (Carpito X Delice) 1 orange boy

....November 2011

....New photos of my Dandy Dancer and my little Cathye

.......New photos of my sweet Eden and my beloved Super Dance

Beautiful autumn !

The page of little Phil (D'Jazzy X Cathye)

....October 2011

.......New photos for Bout-Chou, Beauty, Emmy, Darlene et Delice

New photos of Wally, Tcheckiss et Tcherry at 9.5 years old

...September 2011

The 2 sisters China and Pretty at 6.5 years old

Happy Birthday Chance and P'tit-Checkers

New updates for my Petits Princes

......Eden, Creamy, Charme in Switzerland and Whesley

...August 2011

New pictures of my Charly Brown

Not poms! but flowers

.....New pictures of my american doll Wahlena

........Sweety's page

00July 2011

My results of the World Dog Shows

....See my photos to Paris (Championship Show and World Dog Show)

........Two great Shows to Paris !

...June 2011

My Dandy Dancer at 3 years old

Super, Show Me and Sweety at 10 years old

.....My poms in band !

.....My babies Wally X Wondy at 2 years old

.........Ouff and Odyssey at 13 years old !

...May 2011

The sisters Wondy and Beauty at 6 years old

.....New Photos of Whesley and Bout'Chou 4.5 years old

......Again about Charming Boy aka Carpito!

My last babies ( Fee, First and Phil )

and my Odyssey soon 13 years old

New photos of Emmy Music Awards

........April 2011

My dear Wahlena at 11.5 years old

............Wonderful photos from Victorine of Eliott and Lena

.......Charming Boy aka Carpito at 3.5 years old

Pretty is a so pretty girl !

............My little Easy love at 2 years old owners: Sebastien & Alexandra

........New photo of my Creamy at 3.5 years old

.....and of Bout'Chou at 4.5 years old

....National Breeding Championship Show at Angers(209 poms & spitz)

..........Update the page of Tout-Petit and French Cancan

..........News pictures of my Eden

.....................Flash and Funny with their news families

.........March 2011

.......French Super Dance and French Cancan at 10 and 11 monthts old

..Eliott at 2 years old, brother's Eden

...Flash Dance at 8 and 9 months old and Funny

...........February 2011

...........New photos of babies (D'Jazzy x Cathye)

..................Eden at 2 years old

......January 2011.

......A Happy New Year 2011 to all Pom Lovers

..............Flash Dance and Funny Dance at 7 mois (January 3, 2011)

0000New photos of my litter (D'Jazzy X Cathye)

..........December 2010

..............The december 8 th, a new litter (2 boys and 1 girl)

..........New photos of my little Flash Dance at 6 months old

.......Poppy, Emmy and Lena at 18 months old , photos here

......November 2010

.............New pictures of Flash and Funny at 5 months old

..............Charm And Beauty owner Irispom in Switzerland

........New photos of Flamy and Festy at 8 mois

..........French Cancan and Tout-Petit at 7 mois

.....Today, November 9, 2010 Happy Birthday's Wahlena 11 years old

..............New photos of Delice and Darlene at 2.5 years old

....................My beloved Wahlena at nearly 11 years old

.............New pictures of French Cancan and Tout Petit (WallyX Wondy)

...........October 2010

................New photos of Funny and Flash at 4.5 months old

00Videos Specilalty Show Lisieux 2010 of Poppy and Lena

Flash Dance and Funny Dance at 4 months old

........New page about Petits Prnces de Urkys at others

..........New picture of Flash Dance at 3.5 months old

.......September 2010

Specialty Show Lisieux see my very good results here

Flamy and Festy at 6 months old

Flash Dance and Funny Dance at 3 months old

Poppy, Emmy and Lena at 15 months old

Chance and Ptit-Checkers at now 3 years old

...August 2010

My beloved little D'Jazzy at 2.5 years old

........My litter Creamy X Delice at 2.5 months old

...........New photos of Emmy and Poppy at 14.5 months old

..........French Super Dance aka Tout Petit at 4 months old and his sister French Cancan

Eden, Eliott now at 18 months old

.......Flamy and Festy at nearly 5 months old (Wally x Beauty)

See my last babies 9 weeks old (Cremay X Delice)

Video about Show July-14, 2010 with Poppy and his sister Lena


Wally X Wondy's puppies To see French Cancan and Tout Petit

New Photo of Wally

...July 2010

.....Show results st Lô july 14,2010

......Charly Brown CACS + BOB

........Djazzy CACS

....Emmy Excellent 1 in young class

.....Poppy Excellent 1 in young class + BOB young and adult

......Eliott (owner Victorine & Ronan) Excellent 2

......Lena excellent 1 in young class

Mady a daughter of my Ch Sweety out of Delice, at 8 months old

New pictures of Izzie (Wally X Beauty)

......To see the puppies of Wally and Beauty at 16 weeks old

...............Poppy , Emmy and Lena at 13 months old (Wally X Wondy)

P'tit-Checkers at 2.5 years old

....June 2010

.........My litter (Wally X Beauty) at 3 months old

Happy Birthday Poppy, Emmy and Lena ...1 year old

........and also Happy Birthday Ouff and Odyssey....12 years old

....May 2010

.......My litter (Wally X Beauty) at 11 weeks old

My Dandy Dancer at 26 months old

My new litter ( Wondy X Wondy) at 3 weeks old

Poppy and Emmy at 11 months old

...April 2010

.....My last litter at 6 weeks old

.......My babies (Wally X Beauty) at 4 and 5 weeks old

Eliott (Owner Victorine and Ronan) and my Eden at 14 months old

...March 2010

.........My new litter March 13, 2010

Emmy , Poppy and Lena at 10 months old (Wally X Wondy )

Wally, Tcherry and Tcheckiss for their 8 years old, Mars 20th 2010 (Checkers X Wahlena)

.........My Dandy Dancer at just 2 years old ( Wally X Beauty)

........D'Jazzy, Délice and Darlene at just 2 years old see here, (Wally X Wondy)

.....Beautiful day = photos ! here is Super and Creamy

...........Poppy and Emmy at now 9 months old (Wally x Wondy)

......Fevruary 2010

.....Emmy at 8.5 months old

News photos of Dandy Dancer and D'Jazzy soon 2 years old and Bout'Chou 3 years old

.....0Valentine Day 2010

........My litter Wally X Beauty 2009 at 1 year, see new photos Eliott and Eden

....Emmy, Poppy and Lena at now 8 months old (Wally X Wondy)

......January 2010

.........Darling Mady at now 3 months old with his new owners

News photos of my Dandy Dancer at 22 months old

My Wondy in full coat after his last litter

My litter 2009 Wally X Beauty at 11 mois

Poppy, Lena and Emmy at 7 months old, new photos

......December 2009

Happy New Year 2010 , see photos here

Baby Mady at 11 weeks old

...... Christmas' s photos here

..........and in the snow!here

........Little Mady at 2 months old, see his new photos

.............Eliott, Eden and Izzie at 10 months old (Wally X Beauty)

Baby Mady at 7 weeks old (Sweety X Delice)

New photos of Lena, Emmy and Poppy at 6 months old (Wally X Wondy)

....November 2009

New photos of me last little doll at 5 weeks old

Updated of Super's page (8,5 years old)

Charly, Creamy, Carpito at 2 years old (soon photos of little sister Cathye)

The litter Wally x Beauty at 9 months old: Eliott, Izzie and Eden

The October 19, a new doll is born, see his page here with news photos at 3 weeks old

New photos of Poppy, Emmy and Lena (Wally X Wondy) at 5 months old

....October 2009

Updated Bout'Chou's page and Dandy

News photos of Poppy , Emmy and Lena at 4.5 months old

Happy Halloween with Dandy (creation Pompanache)

Eliott, Izzie and Eden at 8 months old (news photos)

.....Lena , Poppy and Emmy the day of their 4 months old

...September 2009

Beauty is in full coat, see news photos on his page

...........In Autumn, the colors are beautiful, see the photos of my garden

In the garden, there are fantastic flowers! no poms but so nice !

and the Summer flowers are beautiful

....Poppy, Lena and Emmy at nearly 4 months old (new photos)

Eliott, Izzie and Eden at 5, 6 and 7 months old (Wally X Beauty)

New pictures of Poppy, Lena and Emmy at 3 months old (Wally X Wondy)

.....August 2009

A new litter (Wally x Wondy)

..July 2009

Izzie with his new owners

..June 2009

My little Izzie (4 months old) is available

...Mai 2009

New pictures of my last puppies Eden, Eliott et Izzie

Results Shows: Charming Boy Exc 1 + RCACS

D'Jazzy in young class Exc 1 + BOB

Cathye in Open Class Exc2+ RCACS+ RCACIB

...April 2009

....A new photo of my marvellous Dandy Dancer

...New litter repeat of Dandy Dancer

..........1 year old of Dandy Dancer and D'Jazzy

....A new picture of P'tit Checkers at 18 months old

.....February 2009

..New pictures of P'tit Checkers now 17 months old

...D'Jazzy and Dandy Dancer here, their last pictures Fev 16, they are very at my taste ! 11 months old

.......My Creamy at 15 months old

.........Spacey in black and white, that's so nice !

.......January 2009

......Some new photos on page of Dandy and D'Jazzy

...........A French review "Special Spitz" in cover Ch Chikaï Lady Amanda
............................Owner Nadine Guerin Le Panache D'Or

...........December 2008

...........A new picture of my little D'Jazzy (Wally x Wondy litter)

......November 2008

.........News photos on Bossanova's page

..............New pictures of Dandy and D'jazzy at 8 months old

.............My litter of 4 from Charm out of Wahlena at 1 year today!(Nov 2th)

.October 2008

New pictures of Creamy a son of my beloved Charm and Wahlena

New pictures of Dandy , Djazzy and Delicious at 7 months old

A new page for Darlène a daughter of Wally and Wondy

........August 2008

.....A new page about Delice litter sister of D'Jazzy

.............Some lovely new photos of D'Jazzy at 4.5months and Dandy at 5 months

.....July 2008

........A new pup = a new page ! D'Jazzy a son of Wally X Wondy

....June 2008

.................New photos on Creamy's page , and Nova 's page

....May 2008

..............New page about Dandy Dancer , a son of Wally and Wondy

........March 2008

............News pictures on Creamy's page

............News photos on Cathye's page

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